At Silo, we are proud to support and stock these great Wheatbelt associated enterprises;

Buzzy Bee Wraps

Mullen Grubs
Ebee Creations
John Medding Sculpture
Fickle Creatures
Emu Essences
Beatrice Skincare
Three Essentials Skincare 
Kulinary Kreations
Laterite Ridge Olive Oil
Santaleuca Sandalwood
Twiggs Candle Company
Sister Acts
Mr Sheepskin Ugg Boots
UWA Publishing
Something Painted
WillPower Wool Thermals
Joanne McCubbing Author
Lea Woods Art
Ashley Collard Art
Stan & Tan Art
Country Chook
Brendan Whyte Sculpture
Barry Graham Woodcrafts
Christian Fibre Alpaca Wool 
Thompson Woodcrafts
Miss Inky Designs
Outback Leather
Kondinin Progress Association
Corrigin Mallee Shed
Studio Luxe Candles
A Buzz From The Bees Honey
Twyne Cottage Creations
Lucy Lines Cards
Georgina Paterson Cards
Jewellery By Hannah
Moo n Minx Jewellery
Tiffany Davey Author
Marijke Designs Clothing
Arcadian Concepts Timber Furniture & Decor
Artra Custom Kitchens & Cabinets
Linda Bettenay Author
KPT Colour Values
Cambinata Yabbies
Helen's Hellish Condiments
Black Wool Boutique
Lucky Penny Co
Laurie Steel Woodcrafts
York Olive Oil Company
Nad's Creations
Hunting For Ladybugs